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Offered is blind. He lost his vision at twenty years of age due to a shot that hit his face. I went with a friend, to whom the attack was directed. In a matter of seconds, their dreams, goals and hopes were plunged into uncertainty. Accepting reality was not easy. He thought his life was over. I did not want to continue living. And if he did not kill himself, it was because of his two-year-old son. Today things are different. Over time he understood that he had before him two alternatives: the first, to live each moment imprisoned in frustration and bitterness, and the second: to reorient his life, start over again, and build a future based on the circumstances he faced. His wife left him. The friends were only a few days accompanying him. Then they forgot it. Nobody visited him at home. He had to build his new dawn from the ruins. But he did. Live with your son He works selling sweets in a central street in the city of Popayán, in the south of Colombia. Begin again When we feel that our existence is in crisis, when it seems that it is not worth moving on and we see that everything around us is rubble, it is time to start over. What to do? First of all, make an objective evaluation of how we are in the current moment; second, assess what we have left and what we can take advantage of; third, to examine which were the failures led us to failure and, fourth, to draw another plan of life, understanding that each day is a new chapter that we must write. Living from the past, from what could be and was not, destabilizes and blinds us for the opportunities that we have before us. Consider that everything ended and there is no way out at the crossroads, it brings dense clouds that prevent us from seeing the promising panorama open before us. Those who arrive far away are those who, recognizing their mistakes, assume the decision to change and start again as many times as necessary. The prophet Isaiah God wrote: "The power of the Lord has not diminished so as not to be able to save, nor has he become so deaf to be unable to hear "(Isaiah 5: 1, Popular Version" God speaks today "). The text leaves the bases in a fact: God continues working miracles, opening doors that we can not imagine, and offering opportunities to start a new existence to all those who ask for it. Even though everything around him is full of shadows and pain, everything is lost. There are many possibilities. Crises do not last a lifetime. Start now! Maybe you are missing something … Yes … it is probable that still in your life there is something missing: to accept Jesus Christ as your only and sufficient Savior. He will give you the necessary strength to change. With your help, the man of today will remain in yesterday and will see the reborn man born, with a totally positive way of thinking and acting, full of faith and hope. Inviting him to our heart is simple. Say: "Lord Jesus Christ, I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Enter my life and make me the person you want me to be. Thank you for forgiving my sins and offering me a new opportunity. Amen. "I can assure you that your existence will not be the same. Now I invite you to assume the habit of speaking with God every day through prayer, reading the Bible to understand what principles of life trace us there and approach the Christian congregation closest to you. If you have any concerns or suggestions, do not hesitate in writing to me.Ps. Fernando Alexis Jiménez
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