A Servant, Not A Celebrity

Exactly what does our Heavenly Father want to develop within us?

Well, instead of getting into complicated theological problems, I think the simple answer is found in the very words of Christ. Read the statement you made about your reason for coming:

"For not even the Son of Man came to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." (Mark 10:45)

Without much palaver. Straight to the point. He came to serve and to give. It makes sense, then to say that God wants the same for us. After bringing us into His family by faith in His Son, God sets His eyes on building in us the same quality that made Jesus different from all others in those days. God is committed to developing in His people the same portion and qualities that characterize His Son.

Nothing is more refreshing than the heart of a servant and a giving spirit, especially when we see them demonstrated in a person that many would label as a celebrity. Years ago, my wife and I attended a convention where one of the main speakers was a retired astronaut who was part of the crew of Apollo 15 and who had made the successful walk of the moon. He spoke of the emotion connected with leaving this planet and seeing how it was reduced by moving away from the earth. He mentioned that one day when he saw the way out of the earth. . . I thought about how privileged I was to be a member of that crew out of the ordinary. And then he began to realize when he was on his way home that many would consider him a "superstar," an international celebrity.

So humiliated by the awesome goodness of God, the colonel shared his true feelings, which he heard something like the following:

When I came back to earth, I realized that I was a servant-not a celebrity. So I am here as a servant of God on planet Earth to share what I have experienced, so that others may know the glory of God.

God allowed this man to escape from the little cage we call Earth, to reveal to him during this time a basic motto that we would all do well to learn: a servant-not a celebrity.

Enslaved in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century-running like crazy for airports, delivering projects on time, being responsible for important decisions, and adapting to the stress that other people's demands bring, combined with our own high expectations-it's easy to lose sight of our first call as Christians, is not it?

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Charles SwindollAuthor: Charles Swindoll

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